NETGEAR AC6000 Wi-Fi 6 Router

Netgear has released its line of 802.11ax routers, RAX80 and RAX120 are the two available models for this range. The WiFi 6 next generation WiFi routers are designed to give a faster and more fluid experience. AX WiFi has 4 times the throughput of existing Ac WiFi. RAX80 achieves this by accessing more vacant channels, it backs more simultaneous streams per user and boosts the network capacity. RAX80 drastically increases the throughput of the network.
It has a 1.8 GHz quad core processor and uses 4X4 MU-MIMO to simultaneously stream to devices. It has the capability to aggregate two gigabit LAN ports to facilitate rapid file transfers and escalates the internet connections. RAX80 can give speed of upto 6Gbps with 8 stream connectivity.

Netgear ax6000 RAX80 and RAX120 are two top of the line WiFi 6 802.11ax routers that Netgear has introduced to the market. The latest RAX80 and RAX120 can give speeds of upto 6 Gbps with 8-stream connectivity and stream to 4 devices simultaneously. AX6000 routers have 6 gigabit ethernet LAN ports and can perform port aggregation by using two two ethernet ports together to enhance the internet connectivity and raise the file transfer speeds.
AX6000 boasts a powerful 1.8GHz quad core processor which increases the wired, WAN to LAN and wireless performance. RAX works on the latest 802.11ax WiFi, stepping into the new era of wifi. It can stream to multiple devices at the same time and increase the overall network capacity. Theoretically, 802.11ax routers can give speeds of 14 Gbps.

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